The 6 Essential Attitudes for Achieving Your Dreams


Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”~ John Homer Miller


In my work with individuals over the past 31 years it has become apparent that those who achieve their dreams and goals maintain a certain mindset or frame of reference in their approach to their business and life. Your attitudes and expectations are, in fact, critical to the foundation and success of what you want to achieve.

Let’s take a look at 6 essential attitudes for achieving what you want in life.

1) Expect Excellence

Ask yourself:

“Do I always expect the best?”
“Am I acting like the person that I want to be?”
“Am I expecting GREAT things in my business, relationships or personal life this year?”
“Does my commitment to excellence show itself in ALL aspects of my life?”

2) Develop a Burning Desire for Success

Do you have a passion and dream to succeed in:

– Identifying and overcoming any fears that hold you back?
– Developing a new product or service in your business?
– Building better personal relationships?
– Enhancing your performance in sports or business.
– Increasing sales?
– Becoming a better speaker?
– Writing an article or book?
– Developing more self-confidence?

3) Create and Seize Opportunity

Avoid taking the easy way out or settling for safety, but, rather, accept and create challenges and opportunities. Fear of a challenge will paralyze you into failure and mediocrity. Challenge yourself to engage your full potential.

Commit to extending beyond your ‘comfort zone’ or your self-imposed limits. Dare to be different than your business competition. Create uniqueness in all areas of your life.

4) Practice Perseverance

Avoid the 4 obstacles to perseverance:

1. Lack of consistent commitment to your passions and goals on a daily, even hourly basis.

2. “Talking” instead of “Doing.” Is your talk always followed by ACTION?

3. Waiting for the ‘perfect time’. “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” – Ecc. 11:4

4. Fear of rejection/failure. Do you give up too soon?

5) Cultivate Optimism

Do you ever feel like the pessimist who said, “Life is just one long process of getting tired?” Well, success in life has NO ROOM for: “I can’t…It probably won’t work out…I’ll probably never become a great salesperson…I failed so it will probably happen again…That’s just the way I am.”

Adopt and live by the attitude of expecting the best possible outcome. Focus on the most hopeful and positive aspects of a situation or experience in your life.

6) Communicate Confidence

To achieve success in achieving your goals requires that you communicate a confident attitude:

1. To Yourself – Is your self-talk positive and confident or are you negative and unsure of yourself?

2. To Others – Does your posture, handshake, eye contact and dress express confidence? Are you other-centered and a good listener while building up those around you?

3. On the Phone – Does your tone of voice or ’phone smile’ convey a belief in yourself and your services?

4. In Print & Online– What is your business image? Does your letterhead, business cards, web site and all printed materials convey confidence in your business? Do you write articles, press releases, etc. that let the world know, in a confident way, what a wonderful product or service you have to offer?

It has been said that we either live up to or down to our expectations. Commit to letting your attitude and expectations set a positive stage for success as you go after the things that truly matter to you in your life.

Question: Which one of the above 6 attitudes, if you acted on it, would make the single biggest difference in your life or business? I’d love your thoughts on this. You can leave a comment by clicking the Comments box above.

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