Stop Setting Goals (and Start Achieving Them!)

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“In the absence of clearly defined priorities,
we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.”

I don’t know about you, but I get so tired of hearing about setting goals. There are so many different systems available and reminders of why we should do it – yet the end result is often feelings of guilt and discouragement, with only a small percentage of our goals being achieved.

Although most of us are aware of the importance of setting goals to achieve success, very few actually apply action steps in a way that propels them to achievement. This is true whether it is a short-term goal or a long-term dream that is desired.

My experience with those I coach is that the problem is not in the setting of the goals, but in the achievement of them. As the following quote so clearly describes, tying goals to ACTION is the key to achievement.

“Your every action is either an anchor on your tail
or its the wind in your sails
~ Joe Charbonneau

Here are 5 action steps that are the foundation of Goal Achievement:

1) Create a Dream List

What do you want to achieve in your current situation? Let yourself think BIG! Creating a Dream List allows you to stretch your thinking. It is also the perfect time to tell those discouraging ‘voices’ in your head to take a hike, to ‘shut up’!

Nothing will kill your dreams faster than a tiny whisper that says, “Who do you think you are. You will never achieve that level of success or performance.”

2) Write Down and ‘Capture’ What You Desire

– Be very specific
– Challenge and str-e-tch yourself (Stop thinking little!)
– Measure your progress
– Ask how will you benefit if your goal is achieved?

3) Develop a Plan of Action

– Set a target date for attaining your goals
– Identify the obstacles you need to overcome
– Break your plan of action down to achievable steps

We typically think of setting outcome goals such as wining the game, finishing our book or having our speech well received. As well intentioned as these goals are, they are different than process and practice goals which are much more effective in terms of achieving optimal performance.

Outcome Goal = the “Result” – What is the long-term result you intend to achieve?
Process Goals = the “Way” – What is your overall plan to achieve your outcome goal?
Practice Goals = “What” you need to DO this week, today, in the next 5 minutes to achieve your process goals.

4) Laser-focus your Energy

No matter how determined and committed you are to make things happen, a key question to ask as you commit to goal achievement is:

“Are my activities and energy laser-focused on the promotion of
goals that express my desire for achievement?”

In other words, are the people I surround myself with, the time that I invest, the fears I give in to or the level commitment I display taking me towards my goals and dreams or are they holding me back from what I am capable of?

By first examining your attitude, use of time and the people in your life, you can then see if changes need to be made to better support you towards what you want to accomplish.

5) Share Your Vision/Goals

Finally, the more you share your goals, the clearer they become. Surrounding yourself with support (“I care about you too much to let you get away with excuses!”) creates accountability and focus.
Include others who desire to see you successful as part of your ‘Goal Achievement Team’ and give them permission to hold you accountable to your goals.

I encourage you to stop setting goals and instead use the 5 Action Steps to start achieving them. I know you will love the results!

Question: What have you found that has helped you achieve your goals, whether personal or in your business? I would love to hear your thoughts. You can leave a comment below.

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