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Here you can find Resources to help you perform fearlessly, create outrageously and live more boldly. It contains audio interviews, video presentations, quotes and slideshows.

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In this 1-Sheet, you will discover a powerful skill for your ‘Anxiety Toolbox’ to help you reduce anxiety and stress through the practice of Focused Breathing.

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In this 1-Sheet, the skill of Mental Rehearsal is presented in 6 powerful steps to help you perform without anxiety and at your personal best.

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Learn to move from Passive to Assertive while communicating in a direct, honest and open way with others.

Anxiety Interview

In this interview, I share with you the 1) how to identify the underlying causes of panic and anxiety; 2) the keys to developing more effective bodily responses to stress/anxiety and; 3) the secrets of powerful thought responses to stress.

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In this interview, I share with you the 6 Symptoms of Burnout, the Personality Type most likely to experience burnout and how you can Learn to Reduce Stress in order to work more effectively from your home or office.

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In this presentation, presented at California Southern University, you will learn to develop the “Mindset of a Champion” and apply specific principles and skills used by successful business people, world-class athletes and performing artists at the tops of their games in order to take charge of your life and achieve optimal performance and success.