Creativity In the Midst of Chaos

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self,
to live out your purpose, and to do it fearlessly”
~ Steve Maraboli, Author
Sistine Chapel

Recession … unemployment … climate change … general economic collapse … rapid population growth … polluted water … environmental disasters … instability, and anxiety … decline in the influence of the church.

Why, you wonder, am I trying to depress you with the current state of the world today? How can this possibly help me become bold in my life? I thought this blog was supposed to be a forward looking, positive guide to gaining freedom from fear.

The scenario that I describe above is, however, not an accounting of the world today, but, rather, a precise look at what was occurring in 13th century Europe!

What is remarkable is that it was during this time of chaos and dramatic change that one of the most amazing periods of achievement, creativity and cultural change in the history of the world occurred. The conditions I have described existed just prior to the period in history that we call the Renaissance.

It was during this period of instability that the first outrageous achievers of the Italian Renaissance lived. Rather than succumb to those who felt defeated and whose only goal in life was to just get through it all (to survive), these outrageous artists decided to be bold and fearless in the face of overwhelming odds.

Adventurous and risk-taking, artists such as da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giotto and Raphael set out with a daring spirit to create works of art that have never been equaled.

Although everything during this time of chaos pointed to a survival mentality, these unique individuals made a decision to create the kind of world they desired. They took action, made choices and lived their life without excuses.

They were forward moving with continuing perseverance and a productive attitude that nothing would hold them back. They displayed unbelievably creativity, in spite of forces, both real and imagined, that worked against them.

Originality of thought and imaginative expression burst forth as they faced their fears and went for their passions. As a result of this mindset and actions, they existed as individuals with no equal, unparalleled and incomparable in their acts of achievement.

What is the chaos that you face? Have you told yourself that the best that you can do is to just survive it? Or are you like Michelangelo, who, in the face of tremendous odds, screamed out that no one was going to stop him while he pursued his dreams and goals.

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