5 Quick and Easy Tension Relievers


Tension blocks your power to perform. Much of this tension accumulates in your shoulders, neck and upper body. The following simple exercises are designed to be able to help you release tension quickly and efficiently.

Always observe the following guidelines for these exercises:
– All exercises are to be performed very gently.
– Focus your awareness on the area you are stretching.
– Breathe in relaxation and exhale tension.

Upward Stretch
a) Stand upright with your feet about a foot apart.
b) Raise both arms straight above your head.
c) Stretch your right arm as high as you can, as if you are picking an apple directly above your head. Pull down slightly with your left shoulder.
d) Repeat the stretch with your left arm.
e) Repeat the exercise 5-10 times.

Shoulder Rolls
a) Let your arms hand loosely at your sides.
b) Inhale and bring your shoulders forward and then up, as if you are trying to touch your shoulders to your ears.
c) Rotate the shoulders back and down as if to touch your shoulder blades together. Hold for a moment.
d) Release your breath as it feels right. Let your shoulders return to their starting position. This exercise is done in a circular movement.
e) Repeat this exercise 5-10 times.
f) Variation: Do one shoulder at a time or reverse the direction.

Neck Rolls
a) Take a deep breath and exhale fully and completely.
b) Bring the head forward and the chin to the chest. Hold for a moment.
c) Gently rotate the head so the right ear is over the right shoulder.
d) Hold for a moment and relax the area as you breathe fully and slowly.
e) Lift the head up and back. Hold for a moment.
f) Rotate head so the left ear is over left shoulder. Hold for a moment.
g) Let the head return forward with the chin touching the chest.

Arm Shakes
a) Lightly shake your hands and your wrists.
b) Let the movement involve your lower arm, elbow and then your upper arm and shoulders. Move your arms freely.
c) Breathe in relaxation and exhale tension.
d) While you do this exercise visualize tension being shaken out of your shoulders and arms through your finger tips and onto the floor.

Head Massage
a) Using your finger tips massage your scalp gently.
b) You might want to start massaging at the top of your head and work down the sides and the back of the head.
c) Gently massage the back of the neck and ears.
d) Finish by massaging the forehead, cheeks and brow.
e) Use a deep relaxation breath during this exercise.

I encourage you to practice these simple, yet powerful, exercises. Invest a few minutes in your stress-filled day to release the physical tension that sabotages the power to perform at your best.

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