What Are You Waiting For?

If you start me up … I’ll never stop, never stop.”

~ The Rolling Stones

Start Graphic

There are so many things I desire to accomplish yet, somehow, they don’t get done.

I wait for inspiration. I wait for more time or the ‘perfect’ time. I wait for a voice to give me the ok to go for it. Yet, I wait and wait and wait.

I don’t start.

I think too much. I wait to feel ready. I look around for the starting flag to drop. Yet, if I don’t start, I cannot finish. And, if I don’t finish, I will beat myself up and say, “I knew I couldn’t do that. I was right. Who do I think I am?”

By not starting, I reinforce lies. I conclude that the negative, judgmental story I have made up about myself is true.

Yet, if I just start, I can begin to quiet that internal, critical voice that lies to me, that truly believes that it is keeping me safe, keeping me from failure. I can quiet that voice just by starting. Only then do I have the opportunity to succeed … to change my story.

If I start myself up – start writing my book, start cleaning up my messy office space, start eating differently for the sake of my health – right NOW, then I have the chance, as Mick Jagger sings, to never, ever stop.

It is not a matter of feelings, or time, or approval – it is simply a matter of starting. Of letting that singular decision take me places that are absolutely better and more wonderful for me to go.

Yet, if I allow myself to wait, to fear the end result, I may never start. I will lie to myself and come up with other great reasons to wait.

So, it comes down to this. I cannot afford to wait. I must start now.


At this moment.

Anything other than starting right now leads to further lies and eventual regret.

I wonder what you’ve been waiting for? What have you desired to accomplish? What, deep down, have you dreamed of that has been waiting for the ok to start?

Is there a project that you’re waiting to start? Have you found excuses to put off writing your book, seek out auditions or create something new in your studio?

Do you have an amazing business idea that you have talked yourself out of starting? Is there a potential relationship you would love to start, but are afraid that you might get rejected?

I encourage you to start yourself up. Today. Right now.

You will be astonished where this will take you.

Question: What have you been waiting to start?
I’d love to hear your commitment to get started, even if it’s little ‘baby steps’! Click on the comments box and tell me about your next step.

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  • Jade

    What I’ve found as a fiction writer is I just have to sit down with the blank computer screen and write. Anything. I give myself permission to play for a certain number of hours. This helps especially when I have a lot of things on my mind. Having a pad and pen to write down those other things helps keep my mind focused. Sooner or later, the pump is primed and I write really good, salable stuff. (all this and modesty, too! lol)

  • nlazaris

    I absolutely agree – just write. And then write some more.