Therapy vs. High-Flame Coaching – So What’s the Difference?


As many of you are aware, in addition to my practice of Psychotherapy, I am engaged in the practice of Life and Performance Coaching for High Achievers. I am often asked to explain in what ways Coaching differs from Psychotherapy. I thought I would share my thoughts briefly in this post.

Differences between Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

Psychotherapy has been traditionally based on the premise that:

~ The client has been emotionally damaged by some past event(s), and needs to experience “healing” from the pain or trauma.

~ The concern is with the past and the present.

~ The focus is about excavating and neutralizing negatives.

Life and Performance Coaching rests on the premise that:

~ The client possesses unrecognized resources available to develop strategies that lead their goals and dreams to fulfillment.

~ It is about liberating positives. It is about putting the client in touch with his or her own amazing wisdom and creativity.

~ The focus is on the present and the future.

~ It is for those ready for their NEXT level of achievement, who are ready to lean into their edge and experience growth they never believed was possible.

As one coach has said,

Life coaching is about designing a future,
not about getting over the past.”

In my work over many years, I have discovered that not everyone who might want life coaching is suitable for it. I provide the person who is seriously interested in Coaching with an initial, deep 90 minute coaching conversation that helps us to decide if he or she is ready for this kind of growth-work.

Because this initial conversation is as important to me as it is to the potential client seeking coaching, I do not charge for this time together. I must believe that I can help move them forward and enjoy working with the person or else we will not be a good fit.

If a person is basically healthy but seeking greater fulfillment in one another aspect of life, life and performance coaching can be invaluable, as Coaching addresses a wide range of issues, including work, performance situations, relationships, and personal or spiritual development.

In short, Coaching looks to close the gap between our dreams and the realities of our existence.

It is challenging.

It is not interested in excuses.

It involves a deep commitment on the part of the Coach and the person being coached.

It attempts to answer the question,

“What is your impossible goal, what is so far over the horizon
that you cannot even see it, what is your miracle?”

As an expert in helping you achieve what you have always believed was ‘impossible’, I would love to partner with you to achieve that goal.

If you, or anyone you know, are a candidate for this type of focused work towards goals that truly matter, I would love to connect and possibly create an initial coaching conversation.

Question: In what area of your life (performing, creating or living) do you believe Coaching might accelerate achieving your goals?  Click above to leave a comment – I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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