My Life Changing Gift to You

My Gift

I would like to give you a gift. Yes, I have something in my possession that, if you accept it, will change your life in ways that you never dreamed possible. My gift is free. I ask nothing in return. You can accept it and share it with others if you choose. In fact, I believe that there are others around you who would be eternally grateful to you for giving them such an amazing and priceless gift.

All that I ask of you, should you decide to accept my gift, is that you take some time to think about the implications of such a gift. Do not accept it if you do not feel ready to let it take you to new and exciting places. My gift has the potential to create both amazing possibilities as well as sheer terror at the same time! Happiness and fear … amazement and caution … belief and disbelief.

Are you still certain that you would like to accept my gift? Did I notice a bit of doubt creep in as I shared the wide range of emotions that my gift may evoke in you? Okay then, if you are sure that you are ready for me to hand my gift to you, here it is:

I give you permission.

Permission? What? That’s it??? You’re telling me I should really think hard if I want to accept your gift of permission?

Okay, so you are probably thinking, “Wow, I was expecting something a little more profound. Something exciting. Something that would create a battle of emotions within me that would lead to amazing results. Sorry dude, your gift is really a letdown! You tricked me. Seriously, all you are offering me is the word ‘permission’?”

Wait! You did not let me finish. The gift that I offer you is my permission to create a fearless life … To go full force towards what has always felt to you like impossible dreams … To say “So what” to the negative, critical inner voice that tries its best to keep you safe … To fight harder for yourself than you do to avoid risks and danger.

You have my permission to stop being afraid in order that you might achieve unimaginable victories in your life!

I guarantee you that if you accept my gift, take a deep breath and then realize the implications of it in your life you will not let it go. In fact, quite the opposite will occur. My gift of permission will create a sense of strength and confidence that you will never turn away from.

Do you, as you read these words, remember being given this gift as a young child, yet wonder what you ever did with this gift of permission? Maybe you experienced moments of hurt or rejection and decided to put the gift away, under lock and key, in order to play it safe and not experience further emotional pain.

Others of you may never have been given the gift to begin with or, at the least, never remember receiving it. You are probably looking at me with disbelief that such a gift even exists. Is it possible, you wonder, to not live afraid, to not care about what others think or perceive about you or to be okay with “failure” or rejection.

I am here to let you know that my gift of permission to live a fearless, outrageous life is still available to you. Within it is the power to change your life, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in or what fears and self-doubts you possess.

First, however, you must accept this gift. Whether or not you feel it is possible to live a fearless life is actually irrelevant at this moment. I invite you, doubts and all, to accept my permission for outrageous living. Do not worry if you believe if this is possible for you. Allow yourself to listen to my words – words that have the potential to become your words.

So my friend, what will it be? Will you choose an ongoing life of safety, missed opportunities and self-doubt? Or will you make a decision TODAY to accept a gift that is full of amazing opportunities?

I’m waiting …

… yes, reach out your hand and take it

… take my permission for you to go for it, to say,

“I am ready to live a bold and outrageous life!”

Yes!! I see that you have decided to accept my gift (although you might be a little unsure and afraid). Now, I would like you to slow down, take a deep breath, and begin your journey towards creating an outrageous life!

I cannot wait to see the places that it is going to take you.

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  • As soon as you said permission I felt myself tearing up. I have lived most of my life without any permission. And even when those who restricted me were gone, I took over for them and enforced new restrictions. The idea of permission is appealing. Part of me would take it, but the other part would rip it out of my hands.

    It’s like this line I wrote which says. I hate all this arguing and I’m the only one around.

    • nlazaris

      Thanks for sharing in such an authentic way Anne! As I tell my coaching clients, “The bad news is, the problem is in your head …The good news is, the problem is in your head.” Breaking out of the self-imposed ‘prison’ of fear is always based on the foundation of giving ourselves permission to take charge of our life and to stop tolerating the lies that we tell ourselves!