My clients achieve Outrageous Success. On a regular basis.

I coach a limited number of clients a year. My clients work with me because they are ready for their NEXT level of achievement. Those who work with me understand the power of having a coach to empower them who truly sees their incredible potential, yet refuses to buy into their story of why they haven’t achieved the success they desire.

My clients are tired of excuses and self-imposed obstacles and are ready to work with me. They know that it’s time to face their biggest fears and handle them. Not just for now, but for ever.

My coaching is not for everyone. I start with that unique person who is in front of me, not some kind of coaching ‘template’ – and commit myself to them in a personalized way to achieve the goals and dreams that they share with me.

In short, I’m an expert on helping you achieve what you have always believed was ‘impossible.’


As a Performing Artist you face incredibly challenging tasks – having to concentrate, focus and execute upon demand, while maintaining an emotional dimension to your performance.

Performance Coaching applies the Mental Skills Training used in Applied Sport Psychology to help Performers and Creators (musicians, artists, dancers, writers and actors ) eliminate performance and creative anxiety to achieve peak performance under pressure while sustaining a standard of excellence over time.


Whether you are a solopreneur, executive or entrepreneur, you desire an edge in your business and career. Performance Coaching can help you dramatically improve your current performance and potential to meet both professional and personal challenges.

Regardless of your situation, my goal is to help you find new opportunities for growth, use the most efficient systems and technologies, and achieve break-through results.

Frequent Coaching issues include:

– Unleashing Creativity and Productivity
– Overcoming Performance Anxiety
– Developing Greater Self-Confidence
– Building Dramatic Business Success
– Creating Powerful Leadership Skills

I am available for a limited amount of coaching and consulting engagements. I can do this via phone, Skype, or in-person – my location or yours.

If you want to explore how I can help you in one of these areas, please contact me at

Thanks for your interest in working with me.