What Does an ‘Outrageous’ Life Look Like? (Encore Post)

“Change and growth takes place when a person has
risked themselves and dared to experiment with their own life.”
~ Philosopher Herbert Otto


In my 31 years of coaching and consulting I have had the privilege to work with world-class athletes, executives, writers, pastors, entrepreneurs and performance artists. During all of these years of working with thousands of individuals, I have never had anyone tell me,

“Can you please help me become a mediocre performer?”
“You know Dr. Nick, I am making way too many sales. How can I become a little less effective with my clients?”
“What are some ways to slow down my writing career?”
“I really don’t care if my art makes it to the marketplace.”
“I am perfectly happy staying afraid and playing it safe.”

Not once have I been asked to help someone stay on the path to mediocrity. Yet, we tend to define our lives in terms of safety, lack of risk-taking and just “getting through” comfortably. An outrageous life doesn’t settle. It doesn’t put up with things being just ‘okay’.

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Hello, I’m Dr. Nick Lazaris, Performance Psychologist, Anxiety Coach and Speaker, and I can show you that it IS possible to perform, create and live without the self-destructive beliefs and behaviors that keep you from achieving your goals! If you desire to rid yourself forever of the fears that hold you back, while becoming fearless, bold, and confident, then you have come to the right place.

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Dr. Nick and the Bermuda Triangle

I am getting ready to head out on a Cruise with my wife to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. I thought I would post a fun clip of an introduction to a presentation I did as a speaker on a Cruise to Bermuda 4 years ago. It’s fun and a way to get me ready for my trip. I hope you enjoy it!

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