Overcome Anxiety & Stress with the Power of Focused Breathing

Whether you are getting ready to speak in front of a large crowd and are feeling anxious, have a big interview (or audition) coming up, are about to take a big risk in terms of a new creative project in your business or have an important performance that you are feeling anxiety about, your body, and especially your breathing, goes through many changes. Most of these changes, unfortunately, interfere with performing at your absolute best.

There is, however, a powerful skill that you can develop that is one of the most important tools you can use to control stress and performance anxiety. In my coaching practice I have found that there is no other single skill as effective as this one. This tool is free, can be practiced anywhere and at any time and is something that you have been doing your entire life.

The tool that I am describing is focused, abdominal breathing which can, when learned and applied conscientiously, help you maintain a relaxed state in your mind and body and allow you to function at a stress controlled level. Below are 6 steps that, if practiced and applied, will dramatically help you take control of the physical expression of anxiety.

Copy of Focused Breathing & Anxiety